How CBD Reacts Differently Among People

Scientific studies have shown that CBD has tremendous therapeutic properties. This is why it is used as an alternative treatment to an array of common ailments. However, please note that its effects are not universal. How this non-psychoactive hemp product reacts in the body is not necessarily the same way it will react when another person uses it.

Therefore, when using CBD, it is critical to understand a few things, such as how it works, how long till effects of it are noticed, and how long it stays inside the body. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

How CBD Works

To understand how CBD works, we need to evaluate the relationship between endocannabinoids and body receptors.

There are two types of receptors in the nervous system: CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found in the central nervous system and are responsible for governing pain, appetite, mood, movement, coordination, among other integral functions. CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are found in the peripheral nervous system and are responsible for inflammation and pain.

Basically, CBD influences receptor action by associating indirectly with behavioral neurotransmitters. This stimulates the receptors and restores homeostasis (a stable internal environment such as PH balance, glucose levels, body temperature, etc.) without causing over stimulation. This is what gives CBD the numerous health benefits associated with it.

CBD also influences non-cannabinoid receptors. There is no shortage of studies that show it affects the TRPV1 receptor, which mediates body temperature, inflammation, and pain perception. It also modulates the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor and eases pain, anxiety, addiction, nausea, and sleep disorders.

Most people use CBD to alleviate symptoms. However, various pre-clinical studies have shown that CBD can shield from the effects of physical or psychological trauma. This could be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this product that could reduce the body’s inflammatory response.

How Long Does It Take Before Noticing the Effects of CBD?

The amount of time taken to feel the effects of CBD varies from person to person. Some notice results instantly, while others will take a fortnight or even a month to notice any effects. If starting on CBD… patience is an essential virtual to practice.

Nonetheless, when the right dosage is taken, CBD can be detected in the blood in about 15 minutes in some forms, and effects follow a few hours later. Typically, it takes 1-3 hours for CBD levels in the bloodstream to peak.

The amount of time taken to feel the effects and how one feels after this happens depends on several factors including;

Method of consumption – there are various CBD consumption methods. The method chosen will determine how long it will take for CBD levels to peak.

Weight – weight influences health, blood circulation, and metabolism. Heavier people get prolonged effects of CBD than others.

Potency and dosage – a higher concentration, potency, purity, and dosage increase the amount of CBD absorbed in the body.

Quality – all CBD’s are not created equal. Some contain carrier oils, additives, and impurities, while others contain no additives. The quality of CBD, therefore, effects how CBD is absorbed, metabolized, and processed in the body.

Other factors that affect how CBD is absorbed and the effects felt include biological sex, genetic makeup, diet, and past CBD use. With all these factors, it is difficult for researchers to predict the effects of CBD oil in the human body.


How Long Does CBD Stay In The Body?

Unused CBD is often stored in fat cells because it is insoluble in blood. This reserve is then released gradually to the bloodstream and taken to the endocannabinoid and other body parts.


The amount of time taken for CBD to work depends on how it is absorbed, but how long it stays in the system depends on each individual’s fat content. The more fat cells one has, the more the CBD they will absorb, and the longer the substance will stays in the body.

It is a no-brainer that dosage also impacts the amount of time this compound stays active in the system. For instance, if 1500mg is consumed per day, one can expect the substance to stay for longer than if one took 150mg per day.

The consumption method is another factor that influences the amount of time CBD takes to be metabolized completely. If using methods that deliver high bioavailable levels, this substance might take longer to be metabolized.

There is no agreement on CBD’s half-life (time taken for 50% of CBD absorbed in the bloodstream to be cleared from the system), with some studies showing it takes several hours and others showing it could take a day or even days. However, scientists agree that consistent use of this substance blocks the liver enzymes responsible for its metabolism, and this could lengthen the time taken to clear CBD from the body.